Bryx is a large, temperate world in the life zone of the Bryx system. Gravity is slightly higher than Coruscant standard, rated at 1.1G. With only two degrees of axial tilt, seasons are evenly spaced and slightly longer than on other worlds, making Bryx an ideal farming planet.


Bryx’s surface is 55% ocean/45% land, split across three large continents. The majority of the land is fertile and given over to farms. The oceans are also abundant with life and several undersea farms export fish and sea vegetables. There are two small polar ice caps.
Lefrak is the capital city of the planet and major spaceport, other cities include Rekhol. However, the majority of the planetary population are spread across smaller towns and villages.


Agriculture is the major industry of Bryx; it has been a food producer since the early days of the Old Republic


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